Generate UPI/MPIN Without Internet Dial *99#


Generate UPI/MPIN Code without internet or smart phone just dial *99#.

Only 1 condition which number is register in bank only that number can generate UPI/MPIN code.

You can generate UPI pin code, transfer your money your account to another account, you can checn your balance and all activity do without internet or smart phone.

I explain step by step to creat UPI/MPIN please follow these steps:

  • Dial *99#
  • Massage received : Welcome to *99#
  • Click to OK
  • Few option open
  1. Send Money
  2. Request Money
  3. Check Balance
  4. My Profile
  5. Pending Requests
  6. Transactions
  7. UPI Pin
  • Type Numbers like 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7 then click Send
  • As i want to creat UPI Pin then i type 7 and click next.
  • 2 Option are there:
  1. Set/Forget UPI Pin
  2. Change UPI Pin
  • I am using 1st time and want to creat UPI PIN CODE so i type 1 and click to Send.
  • New page Enter (Last 6 digit of debit card) (Expiry Date MMYY) Separated by single space Like if my debit card last 6 digit number is 123456 and my card expiry date is march 2018 then i write (Example-123456 0318)
  • Clikc to Send.
  • Enter your new 4 Digit UPI PIN.- Type here 4 digit Code.
  • Click to Send
  • Re-enter 4 digit code and Click to Send
  • Congratullation, you can now send money using your mobile. Dial *99# ———– Welcome to *99#

You also transfer your money to any account any time with same code when you dial *99# you received 1st option Send  Money then enter 1 and click to send. Then you received options so follow the option.

And you can check your balance anytime, anywhere with same code *99#. When you dial this code then you received few option 4th option is Check Balance then press 4 and click Send. 

Just 1 Condition in this code *99# that is you only can use all feature with only number is register in your bank. Other number can’t access your Bank account details.

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