Add/Configure IP Camera In CP PLUS DVR!

If you want to configure IP camera in your DVR then you have to do some setting in your DVR!

you also can add ip camera in extra channel like in 4ch DVR you can add 5th number of IP Camera. It means your 4ch DVR will upgrade in 5 ch DVR!

Setup to Add Ip Camera:

Press right click to mouse and click to main menu.

If needed to enter password then enter your DVR password only.

Here are some option available like:






So you need to click in camera section.

Now you will get some setting like



Camera name

Click to Encode.

Here you will get 3 more opeion like:


Channel Type


Go to Channel Type option.

In new page you will get Option : Add Ip Camera

Click on it. After click error show that DVR will restart you click ok.

After restart DVR 5th number camera is open for add ip camera. Click + sign on 5th frame. You have to connect your ip camera in same network. Mean you can connect ip camera through lan cable dvr to ip camera or dvr to modem and modem to ip camera.

अब अपने मोबाइल फ़ोन से खोले अपने घर/ऑफिस का लॉक !
बिलकुल सुरक्षित और आसानी से इसे लगा सकते है अपने पुराने लॉक में भी!

Click + sign you will see the ip address of ip camera click on it and click to add! Your ip camera will play in 5th number of window!

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