Protect gCMOB Apps CP PLUS DVR Mobile Application Secure

Protect gCMOB Apps CP PLUS DVR Mobile Application Secure!

Protect gCMOB Apps

For Secure gCMOB Apps and enable passcode follow these step. Secure App.

If you want to know regarding installation to this app then click here :

After Installed the app Open gCMOB.

  • You will see 2 option (1st) is Door Phone, and (2nd) is Camera.
  • Click to Camera.
  • Top left side you will get the 3 line (option). Click on it.
  • Few option are there:
  1. Home
  2. Live Preview
  3. Device Manager
  4. Local Files
  5. E-Map
  6. Favorites
  7. Alarm Manager
  8. More
  • Clikc to More.
  • There is few option again:
  1. Local Config
  2. Protection
  3. Help
  4. About
  • Click to Protection.
  • Enable this option. Slide to circle on right side.
  • Here you will get 2 Options:
  1. New  : (enter here your new password)
  2. Confirm  : (enter here password again)
  • Click to OK.
  • Now go to Back and clock the app.
  • Open the app then you need to enter for open this application. Security is enable now.

As anyone know that after install cp plus dvr app and done all setting only need 1 time password. And when you want to watch camera again then you don’t required any password. Your application is not secure by default. That is why CP Plus DVR Application launch new feature that you enable security for your cctv camera.

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