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whatapp 2 account in 1 device
2 WhatsApp Account in 1 Device

WhatsApp 2 Account in 1 Mobile Phone

You can install 2 whatsapp account in same mobile phone if you want to install Multiple whatsapp account then follow these step:

  • Open Playstore in your mobile phone.
  • Search – Parller Space
  • Install App which is 4.7mb LBE Tech 3* rating – Parller Space – Multi Accounts
  • Click to Accept for install this app.
  • After install this app 1st option showing is Start so click on it.
  • Then all apps show which is install in your mobile phone. So you want to select all apps which you want to use multiple like WahtsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Paytm etc.
  • So please select app which you want to use multiple and deselect app which you don’t want double.
  • Click to -Add to Parller Space (1-10).
  • Then close this app – Parller Space.
  • Again open app : Parller Space.
  • After open you show a advertisement so skit this add.
  • Now show all app which you select for multiple like whatsapp or facebook etc.
  • Click to WhatApp
  • And now install which your 2nd connection.

I hope this information you like it. And after follow all step you will successfully install 2 account in single device.

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