GSM FWT Microtel (Fixed wireless terminal)

GSM FWT Microtel (Fixed Wireless Terminal)

Microtel gsm fct

Model : GT1

  • Immediately Call.
  • Easy to install, easy to use.
  • Compatible with the traditional keyboard and cordless telephone.

You can use this product for 2 purpose

  1. If you have any issue with signal then this product will help you.
  2. If you want to connect main line with your PBX and where is issue for no availability MTNL, BSNL or Airtel Landline phone. Or issue with poor service.

You can insert any GSM Sim card in this device and connect a telephone instrument like MTNL or Airtel landline phone.

Accessories :

  1. GSM FCT GT1  – 1 pcs
  2. Power adoptor – 1 pcs
  3. Phone cord   – 1 pcs
  4. User guide – 1 pcs

2 Telephone output available in this device. You can use 2 instrument with gsm fct device.


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