Hikvision SADP Toos! Hikvision DVR Password Reset Procedure

hikvision dvr password recovery

Hikvision SADP Tools!

Hikvision DVR Password Recovery/Reset Procedure

You have to follow some step for unlock hikvision your DVR. If you forgot the password I am trying to login then error sure that incorrect username and password you have 4 chances left and again you try then message sure you have free chance left. So you do some step for unlock your DVR. Hikvision SADP Tools For DVR Password Recovery Processor is:

So first procedure that you want to connect your DVR with your laptop or PC
Open Google Chrome and wright on address bar www.hikvision.com

Hikvision URL

Click to Support

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hikvision sadp tools support


sadp v3

SADP V3.0.0.10(New)

sadp tool download

Click to Download

sadp tools agreement

Click to Agree with the license agreement

Downloading start 28.5MB Size

After Downloading completed installation processor start. When SADP tools installed properly installed automatically SADP tools open.

Sadp tools

In Hikvision SADP tools you will see your device ip automatically detect but you have to sure that lan cable is connected between dvr to pc or dvr to modem and modem to pc.

Select the device and and option are available that forget password.

Click forget password option.

Few option are available

step 1 : Click export to download the key request file (XML File) or take a photo of the QR code. Send the XML file  or QR code photo to our technical engineers.

Export option are available click to export save the file to your computer location c drive or d drive.

अब अपने मोबाइल फ़ोन से खोले अपने घर/ऑफिस का लॉक !
बिलकुल सुरक्षित और आसानी से इसे लगा सकते है अपने पुराने लॉक में भी!

Now you have to send email to hikvision engineers with attachment which is download when you click to export. Email id is support@pramahikvision.com you need to attach the file and some information about you. Suject should be password reset or password recovery.

You have to write few information like your name, address, contact number, you are installer or customer, where you purchase this device and when you purchase it.

Send email after write all information and attach the file.

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After few minuts you will get email from hikvision and they send you 1 file. You have to download the file and save in your computer location.

Open again SADP tools and click to import now. Attach the file which one hikvision sent to you.

Enter new password and confirm new password again.

Confirm option click.

Your password now changed but you have to do 1 more steps away. You need to change your password again because this password is not your final password you have to change your password again. Now attach dvr with your led enter password and go to setting option and change your password. Hikvision DVR Password Recovery Sucessfully.

If you have any issue to recover your passcode with this demo then click to this link where you will get step by step by video

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