Hikvision DVR Remote Surveillance



You can access your CCTV Camera in mobile pohone through Hikvision DVR Remote Surveillane Setup.

You just need to follow some steps for online setup:

  • Press right click to mouse
  1. Menu
  2. Single Screen
  3. Multi-screen
  4. Previous Screen
  5. Next Screen
  6. Start Auto-switch
  7. Start Recording
  8. Add IP Camera
  9. PTZ Control
  10. Output Mode
  • Select the 1st option Menu.
  • If password required enter your DVR password.
  • Here is some option you will see:
  1. Playback
  2. Export
  3. Manual
  4. Hdd
  5. Record
  6. Camera
  7. Configuration
  8. Maintenance
  9. Shutdown
  • Select to 7th option Configuration.
  • Some option are there at left side :
  1. General
  2. Nework
  3. Alarm
  4. Live View
  5. Exeptions
  6. User
  • Select 2nd option Network.
  • Here is option Enable DHCP (Click to box for enable DHCP Setting).
  • Click Apply.
  • Restart your DVR and enter in Network setting again. You will see all ip address like IPv4 address, subnet, Default gateway and DNS Server’s.
  • In the top side some option are available :
  1. General
  2. Platform Access
  3. PPPOE
  4. DDNS
  5. NTP
  6. Email
  7. NAT
  8. 3G
  9. More Setting
  • Select 2nd Option Platform Access.
  1. Enable : (Check box for Enable this setting.
  2. Acess Type : Hik Cloud P2P
  3. Server Address : dev.hik-connect.com
  4. Enable Stream Encyption :  (Blank check box)
  5. Verification Code : (this is your verification code note this code on paper)
  6. Statup  : Online (If offline show some issue in network)
  7. Down side you will see BAR CODE

For Hikvison DVR Remote Surveillance Setup you need to Install Mobile Application

  • Now you want to install Hikvision Mobile Application : iVMS-4500 Install from playstore for Android mobiles and app store for IOS mobiles or tablet.
  • Select Region : Select Asia and India.
  • Click Enter
  • You will see 3 Lines for top of the side in the left side.
  • You will get few options:
  1. Live View
  2. Remote Playback
  3. Devices
  4. Alarm
  5. Picture
  6. Hik-Connect
  7. Configuration
  • Select 6th Option Hik-Connect.
  • Check is your modem are connected with your dvr?.
  • Click to Register option.
  • Enter your mobile number or email id.
  • If you enter your mobile number you will get verification code which you received via sms.
  • Creat your password which you want to enter numbers, letters or symbol like gulshan@123.
  • Click to Login
  • You will get + sign right side top of the page.
  • Click + sign
  • After click + sign camera will open automatically in your mobile phone the scan your dvr BAR CODE which is available at Menu-network-Platform access.
  • After scan your device will show on app. Click to device which show to downside of search option.
  • Enter Device Verification Code : which is available at Menu-network-Platform access.
  • Click to Confirm your device added.
  • Click to live preview again need device verification code. Your camera will open.


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Videw are available for configuration remote setup click here: https://youtu.be/3v8jiBQsesU

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