gDMSS Lite Dahua DVR Mobile Application or Install iDMSS

Dahua DVR Password Recovery

gDMSS Lite Dahua DVR Mobile Application

If you want to access your CCTV Camera in your mobile phone then you want to install this application in your mobile playstore.

Before you install gDMSS Lite app you want to do some steps in your Dahua DVR. You want to enable P2P Option and setting for tcp/ip address for more detail click here :…ua-dvr-all-steps/ “gDMSS Lite Application”

After enable p2p setting follow these steps.gDMSS Lite Dahua DVR app

  • Open playstore in your android mobile phone or oprn app store in apple iphone.
  • Install app gDMSS Lite from playstore in android mobile phone or install iDMSS from app store in apple iphone.
  • 24mb application. After install this app press open.
  • You will get 3 options:
  1. Camera
  2. Door
  3. Alarm
  • Click to Camera
  • For add your dvr 1st time you want to add some information in this app. So click top of the page left side you will see 3 lines click on it.
  1. Home
  2. Live Preview
  3. Playback
  4. Device Manager
  5. Local Files
  6. Favorates
  7. Local Config
  • Click to Device Manager.
  • Click to + sign right side top of the page.
  • You get some options:
  1. P2P
  2. Quick DDNS
  3. Dahua DDNS
  4. IP/Domain
  5. Wifi Configuration
  6. Import Cloud Device
  • Click to P2P.
  1. Register Mode    –     P2P
  2. Name               –   (Fill any name what you want)
  3. SN                   –   (Click to 4 boxed then your mobile phones camera is open automatically then focus on bar code which is shown on your DVR P2P Setting. It will automatic scan your dvr Seriel number) or ( you can enter dvr serial number which is mention on dvr box & bottom side of DVR)
  4. Username         –     admin
  5. password          –     ***** (default-admin)
  6. Live Preview      –     Extra (change this option to Main it will helpto better video quality)
  7. Playback          –     Extra
  • Click to –  Start Live Preview

Your camera is now playing.

If you want to watch video step by step then click here   :

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