gCMOB/iCMOB Apk for Android Phone CP Plus DVR! CP PLUS MOBILE APP!


gCMOB/iCMOB CP PLUS DVR Mobile Application for IPHONE & Android Mobile

gCMOB Mobile App is best application if you compare any other cctv camera mobile app. gCMOB is very user friendly application. If you want to watch live stream your cctv camera then gCMOB app is best app. Playback option is also available you can watch old recording in your mobile phone.

How to Install This Application Step by Step

अब अपने मोबाइल फ़ोन से खोले अपने घर/ऑफिस का लॉक !
बिलकुल सुरक्षित और आसानी से इसे लगा सकते है अपने पुराने लॉक में भी!

  • Open Playstore for Android and App Store for Apple IPHONE.
  •  Search – CPPLUS.
  • You will get 1st result gCMOB for Andoid and iCMOB for Apple IPHONE.
  • Install 1st result gCMOB or iCMOB.
  • After install click to OPEN.
  • 2 options Camera AND Door Phone.
  • Click to Camera.
  • You will see 3 lines left side top of the page. Click it.
  • Many options like
  1. Home
  2. Live Preview
  3. Playback
  4. Device Manager
  5. Local Files
  6. E-Map
  7. Favourate
  8. Alarm Manager
  9. More
  • Click to 3rd option Device Manager.
  • You see + sign right side top of the page click it for add new device.
  • 3 options here available:
  1. InstaOn (for without static IP)
  2. IP/Domain (for static IP or Local IP)
  3. WIFI configuration
  • Select InstaOn or IP/Domain. Now you want to play CCTV Camera Via Static Ip then click to IP/Domain or if you want to play via DVR Serial number then click to InstaOn.
  • For InstaOn Setting:
  1. Register Mode                 :           InstaOn
  2. Name                            :           Any Name you can Add
  3. SN:                               :           Enter DVR Seriel Number or Scan Bar Code.
  4. Username                      :            admin
  5. Password                       :           ****** (Default – admin)
  6. Live Preview                   :           Extra-Main (Main for better clearity)
  7. Playback                        :           Extra

                                     Click to – Start Live Preview

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All these setup i make video if you have any problem you will see the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTlEbMDoqkw

If you have any issue for configure DVR with your interenet then click to this link : http://www.cpplusdvr.com/cp-plus-dvr-remote-surveillance/

You can watch your CCTV Camera in this App. If you want again login after close this app, you just need to click Camera and icon like camera right side top of the page. You will see name which you add in device manager. Now click the circle and click to start live preview. You will watch your cctv camera again.

If you have any query regarding CPPLUS DVR or Software issue you can write us in gmail.

you can send mail us : deepak8860026200@gmail.com

Subscribe us on youtube: http://youtube.com/c/GulshanWalecha.

I upload many video regarding cp plus dvr. It will help you for install new setup

Cp plus mobile application gcmob

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