Tour Setup Enable in CPPLUS DVR

CPPLUS DVR Enable tour setupCPPLUS DVR

Tour setup enable in CPPLUS DVR. How to activate camera change one by one.

How to configure this function i explain you step by step.

  • CPPLUS DVR Press Right click in mouse.
  • Go to Main Menu.
  • Enter password if Required.
  • Click to Setting. You will see 4 option:
  1. Network
  2. Event
  3. Storage
  4. Setting
  • Click to Setting.
  • Go to Tour Setup.
  • Select channel and time 5 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Select camera number which you want to change automatic.
  • In top side option is Enable this setup. Click to box if you want to Enable setup.
  • Save Setting.
  • Exit to menu.
  • Now camera change automatically.

If you want to stop tour setup then top of the screen near by Date & Time you see black box. Click to box then lock is shown and your camera which is change automatic will stop to change and when you want again changing the camera again click the box and again camera will change automatically.

If you want to password issue when you login then click here this side will help you for recover your password.