CP Plus DVR Password Reset/Recovery (Full Information-2021)

cp plus password reset

 CP PLUS DVR Password Reset

It is a very easy way to CP Plus dvr password reset If you face problem to error shown Account Locked when you login in your DVR then this blog solve your problem.

Reason for Locked account is – when you try so many times wrong password then security point of view account will locked automatically. Default Usename and Password are same – admin


follow these steps:

If you don’t know your password or forget then you have to do some steps for reset your dvr password.

cp plus password reset
Just click to forget password option.

Near about password you will get a option it called “forget password” you need to click on it.

Here you want to enter email id if it required. Any email id which you can operate enter it.

cp plus dvr password reset

If already email id is entered and it’s matching with you email id like my email id is gulshanwalecha1@gmail.com. And i see here g*******@gmail.com. Then i assume that it is my email id.

So if you enter email id or you already enter your email id when you 1st time startup wizard done. Then the option are comming enter security code. You have to enter security code on this box.


Now i tell you how you can get your dvr security code from service centre.

Carry your mobile phone and install the cp plus mobile application which name is “Gcmob”. If you already installed and you use for live footage of cctv camera then it’s fine.

gcmob app install

Click to + sign top of the right sight you will get this option.


Some error was shown you have to click ok.


Now you have to click 3 line top of left side. It called menu of gcmob app.cp plus dvr

Click to device manager option.

They ask some option.

  • Wifi Device
  • Wired Device

Click to wired device and press next button.


Here you will get some more option.

  • Ip Domain
  • Local
  • Instaon

Click to instaon option. Now click to bar code which is shown opposite to SN Option. Your mobile phone camera will automatically open.

Just scan bar code which shown on led tv. After scan some code was generated on sn box.

Just copy this code.

Mobile setting done. You have to open your email account. Compose the email to cp plus customer care email address which is resetpwd@cpplusword.com. Type subject Please reset my password.

Paste the code which you have copy from mobile phone. It is a long code which you have to entered. Just paste the code and send the email.


Within 5 minut to 30 minuts you will get email from cp plus. If today is sunday or time is not for duty time then you have to wait sometime.

When you will get return email. You will get code which you have to enter on dvr security code option. After enter security code press next.

Here you can creat your new dvr password. You have to enter password 2 time.

If You know you pattern lock and don’t know the password.

You can default your dvr from pattern lock. Like maximum users used pattern lock when they check recording and all setting. So they forget their password.

If you know your patern lock and you don’t know your password then you have to do some steps.

  • Click to main menu.
  • Enter pattern code.
  • Click to setting.
  • Default.
  • Function Default/Factory Default
  • Click to ok/Yes.

Your dvr is restart and all steps are comming which you see when you install 1st time dvr in your site. So creat your password here.

अब अपने मोबाइल फ़ोन से खोले अपने घर/ऑफिस का लॉक !
बिलकुल सुरक्षित और आसानी से इसे लगा सकते है अपने पुराने लॉक में भी!

If your DVR is old version and you didn’t see the option forget password then you have to do this setting.

    • 1st call to CPPLUS Custore Care : +91 8800952952.
    • When you dial CPPLUS DVR Customer care number then you received 2 options.
      • Press 1 for CPPLUS
      • Press 2 for Dahua
    • Then press 1 and talk with CP PLUS Customer care executive.
  • Tell to customer care that you want ‘CP PLUS DVR Password reset’ and you want to default password.
  • Then he/she give you email id.
  • You want to give him DVR model number, DVR Seriel number with is mentioned back side of DVR and Live Date and Time which is shown on LED Monitor.
  • These 3 information send by email which is given by CPPLUS Customer care executive.

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Dear Sir,

Please use the master password for today as 4343** or 458***. This password is only for valid today.

If this password doesn’t work, then please use 3232**. Kindly use the master password from VGA/HDMI.

(which is red one is your dvr temporally password for today only)

  1. Remove lan cable if it is attached.
  2. Restart your DVR.
  3. Choose the “admin” account is USERNAME.
  4. Use “MASTER PASSWORD” in password.

Now you can access your DVR.

  1. Go to Main Menu> Advance >Account
  2. Select “admin” user
  3. Click to Modify Password, in Old Password use Master Code.
  4. in New and Confirm New Password type your new password without any space or special charactors.

for “CP PLUS DVR Password Reset”

Then follow these instructions and you can reset your password. If you want have any issued then write me on comment box.

You can also watch video which i show step by step all feature to reset or recover default password

If you have any doubt then also you can watch video for clear your all doubts.

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