CPPLUS DVR User Manual All Setup

       cp plus dvr user manual

           CPPLUS DVR User Manual                   

                      All Setup for CPPLUS DVR


If you are Dealer or Customer who used CPPLUS HD DVR then this post will help you for all your problem
1) Whats Setting you want to do 1st time when you install New DVR
2) All Option which available in Menu User Manual.
3) CPPLUS DVR How to Check Recording (Playback)
4) How to Erase Recording
5) How to Configure your CCTV Camera to your Mobile Phone.
6) How To Change Camera One by One (Tour Setup)
7) iGMOB application Function
8) How to Configure This Software
9) How to Connect with Static Ip or Dynamic Ip

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CPPLUS DVR User Manual:-

I will teach you everything about CPPLUS DVR. and i am trying that if any issue will creat in your DVR or Camera then you don’t required to contact CCTV Technicial for repair your CCTV. You can repair your dvr himself.

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