CP PLUS Vs HIKVISION (Which Company is Better) 2018

CP PLUS Vs Hikvision 

CP PLUS Vs Hikvision Compare

             If you compare between <CP PLUS Vs Hikvision> it’s very good question that which one is better.

I am System Integrator, Installed both company DVR. So it’s only my review if you agree then you can like my post.

I used both of product and it’s personally my opinion that I like Dahua DVR and CP PLUS DVR  Compare  to Hikvision DVR. (CP Plus vs Hikvision)

Hikvision Positive Point :

  • This company is more then old compare to cp plus.
  • Hikvision DVR problem less compare to other brand.

Hikvision Negative point:

  • If you forget the password then you have to visit hikvision service centre bcause password recovery processor is very difficult you need to install software in your pc/laptop then do some setting which only professional can do.
  • If you forget IVMS-4500 application password then also you will suffer because you have to send email from hikvision costomer care with barcode which is available in dvr down side. Then they unbound your device . Then again you have to register with new mobile number.
  • If you register this device in your mobile number and you forget your password then again you need new mobile number for register again after unbound your device through long process.
  • You want to talk with hikvision customer care then you will also suffer because they aren’t picking calls for very long time and if they pick the call then they will not solve your problem many time.
  • Faulty DVR service time is more then 15 days.

अब अपने मोबाइल फ़ोन से खोले अपने घर/ऑफिस का लॉक !
बिलकुल सुरक्षित और आसानी से इसे लगा सकते है अपने पुराने लॉक में भी!






CP PLUS Customer Care Number 

CPPlus Negative Point:

  • This is Chinese product.
  • Product quality is not best compare to hikvision.
  • Faulty product service time more then 10-15 days.

CPPlus Positive Point:

  • You can call customer care for all 7 days and they will solve your problem by telephone.
  • They will help you through teamviewer and solve your problem as soon as possible.
  • If you forget your dvr password then call to customer care they will give you email address and tell you send model number, serial number & Date-Time which display on LED screen after they received these 3 information they will provide you master password.
  • Software is very user frankly.
  • Mobile Application gCMOB/iCMOB is best which I used before. Celerity, Speed, Function & Playback all feature are very simple and easy.
  • You just scan barcode and insert username and password your dvr will run very easily.
  • CCTV Celerity in LED TV is very good.

So it’s my suggestion that if you want to buy DVR  and CCTV camera and confuse which make is best so I will suggest cp plus is much better compare to hikvision DVR. But all choice is yours which make you select.

I have my youtube channel which you can subscribe for more information about cp plus dvr vs hikvision dvr function compare. http://youtube.com/gulshanwalecha

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