Backup Recording File in CP PLUS DVR

Backup File recording in cp plus dvrBackup Recording File in CP PLUS DVR

I will show all step if you want to know how to backup save in pan drive for DVR.

You need to follow these steps “for do backup recording file in cp plus dvr”. This is simple processor to save backup file in pan drive.

  • Press right click for mouse.
  • Go to Main Menu.
  • Click to Backup.
  • Device Name : sdc (usb disc)
  • Select start time & end time.
  • Select start date & end date.
  • Click Channel (which channel backup you want to save in pan drive)
  • File Formate – (Select) ASF.
  • Click to Add.
  • You will see all files between start time & end time.
  • Select all files.
  • Click to Backup.
  • Down side you see remainng time and downloading process. Wait to complete downloading.
  • All proccessor are complete to save backup files in pan drive.

Now you want to play these files in PC or Laptop.

Insert Pan Drive in your pc or laptop. And click to open with window Medea player your file will play in window medea player and vlc player. If both player now working properly then install google player and try to open video in this player properly.

I have make many video related to cp plus dvr. If you have any issue with your cpplus dvr or if you want any help please write me on comment box. I will definitely reply you as soon as possible. Also you can visit on youtube and watch my video’s related cp plus dvr, hikvision dvr, dahua dvr, tvt dvr and i will make many video regarding mobile application.

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  • Excuse me brother. In my cp plus DVR device, I could see the recorded database. But I don’t know how to access them. Can you help me with that?

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  • Its almost show 123 or 200 plus pages for a day recording and it is processing 1 by 1 page , how i can download a whole day data in one go or 5 to 10 days data on 1 go

  • We need back up but 16 Chanel CP PLUS DVR not supported 64 GB Pen drive or external HDD (DELL) of 1 TB or more . Please send update or solution .

  • i have an problem while i backup my video in cpplus dvr i have got a message an error has occured . and backup was stopped. how should i stop this and what should i can