Alba Urmet Electronic Door Lock With 4 keys (Model:EL2020)

alba urmet electronic door lock


Alba Urmet Electronic Door Lock which model is EL2020. You can install this lock with video door phone, audio door phone, access control. Door Lock feature is when you press the door, then lock is closed and when someone press a bell, if you have installed video door phone, then you can talk with then and whenever you want to open the lock just press a switch lock will be open.

It’s very simple to use and very user friendly product. In this Electronic door lock you will get 4 keys set and 1 slender, 1 ring, 1 roller with alba urmet electronic door lock. Dual cylinder electronic door lock with 4 keys titanium plating finish for inside opening door.

For buy this product online you need to send me your enquiry with your name, address, contact number with quantity of the product. After i will check your requirement i will reply back to you with price of courier charges.

You need to transfer money through paytm. After i received your money i will send your product within 2 working days. My paytm Details are available on this post also.

alba urmet lock payment

If you want to watch how this lock is installed then you can click here for see the video which i guide you all information about installation of alba urmet electronic door lock. You can also subscribe my youtube channel.

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You can also purchase this lock through me. it will cost Rs. 2200/- + Courier Charges.

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